I’m Elaine Batho

I’m a transformation specialist.
I support and empower transformation in women who feel stuck in a life that no longer makes them happy.

The overwhelm and frustration this causes manifests in many ways, from apathy, to stress and anxiety. If left it can lead to physical illness that affects daily functioning. Such as digestive disorders and adrenal fatigue. Living an unfulfilling life will start to erode confidence and self-esteem too.

It’s very common to be afraid to face what’s not working. Instead, choosing distraction. Trying to numb the pain with unhealthy patterns of eating, drinking or overworking.

Ultimately no one wants to look back on their life with regret. We all deserve to live a life of happiness. But the power is in our own hands. If we want change, we must change something. It won’t happen on its own.

Through my work as a coach I help my clients find the clarity and answers they seek. I motivate them to take the steps towards the life they crave. With less stress, more confidence, more self-belief. Ultimately, an authentic and sustainable blueprint to a healthier and happier existence.

If you’d like to discover how I can support your transformation, I offer a complimentary 20 minute discovery call.
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After transforming my own unfulling life of chronic stress and anxiety. I dedicated two years to retraining and creating a business to support other women going through the same overwhelming life experiences.

My skills and qualifications encompass everthing from mind, body and spirit. We are not one dimensial beings.
In order to live to our best we must look at ourselves as a whole. From how we treat out bodies to how we think.
Only then can we create lasting deep change.

“Love spending time with you Elaine, your positive attitude is inspiring, thank you for a new experience today”

– DT, Buckinghamshire.

” I was going through a number of challenges In all areas of my life. I felt vulnerable. She supported me in a firm and kind way to put changes in place. I made decisions and took control of my life. From a career perspective I am now setting up a business!

I looked at situations that I avoided. Mainly avoiding confrontation. Now I can own my own opinions. I feel confident to express myself.
The effects are ongoing and permanent in all areas of my life, as I pursue living an authentic & purposeful life”

– AK, Buckinghamshire

“I can honestly say it’s been such an eye opener. I’ve had so many breakthroughs here its life changing, I’ll never forget it, I’ve had such a wonderful time. Elaine has been just amazing, she’s put her all into this and I can’t thank her enough”

– SJ, Wales

” You engage people in conversations that just flow. And you’re a living example of what you sell

You never gave me advice, you gave me clarity to pinpoint what was wrong.

You’re able to dig deep to identity what the problem is. Asking pertinent questions that made me sit and think.
I know if you can’t help me no one can.”

– JB, London