Empowering professional women to get unstuck, get clarity and to transform stress and overwhelm into authentic health and happiness.

 If you’d like to discover how I can support your transformation, book a complimentary 20 minute discovery call.

After transforming my own unfulfilling life of chronic stress and anxiety. I dedicated three years to retraining and creating a business to support other women going through the same overwhelming life experiences.

My skills and qualifications encompass everything from mind, body and spirit. We are not one dimensional beings.
In order to live to our best we must look at ourselves as a whole. From how we treat out bodies to how we think.
Only then can we create lasting deep change.

Elaine works holistically. Using wellness of mind, body and soul as her tools. She encourages and empowers women to look deep inside themselves. Knowing that within us all are the answers that we need to live our dream lives.

Her work encompasses coaching, healing practices and techniques. With her extensive knowledge, qualifications and experience of the body, mind and spirit she uses her skills to work uniquely with each client at the highest level.

Elaine offers many ways to support your transformation. From workshops, programs, to one to one sessions, through to seven night transformational life changing retreats.

Transformational Retreats

A retreat with Elaine will take you on a once in a lifetime journey of self-discovery and personal growth, resulting in tangible inner and outer transformation.
Working together to release the inner challenges that are holding you back, to clear away blocks and old limiting beliefs. Replacing them with increased self-confidence, self-belief and love for your body.
A transformational retreat is a wellness boosting, deeply relaxing, and thoroughly nurturing week in paradise.

I can’t believe how happy I feel, I never thought I’d feel this about a love for myself.