“Because an authentic life is the right of every woman.”

Elaine empowers transformation in women who feel trapped in a life that no longer serves them.

The overwhelming frustration this causes can manifest in many ways, like stress and anxiety. It can lead to physical illness that affects daily functioning, such as digestive disorders and adrenal fatigue as an example.
These women know that they can’t go on like this.
They’re desperate to find their own path. To live their authentic healthy and happy truth.

Creating a safe and nurturing environment to explore what’s not currently working. Elaine helps her clients rediscover who they really are at their core. Supporting, motivating and empowering them to take action and transform their life into the healthy happy and authentic one they dream of living.

Elaine works holistically using wellness of mind, body and soul as her tools and with her extensive knowledge, experience and coaching skills she works uniquely with each client at the highest level. Knowing that within us all are the answers that we need to live our dream lives.

Elaine offers many ways to support your transformation. From one to one coaching, workshops and programs through to seven night transformational life changing retreats.

“Love spending time with you Elaine, your positive attitude is inspiring, thank you for a new experience today”

~ Denise, Buckinghamshire.

“After constantly feeling drained, anxious and out of control. But too scared to admit it. I had always thought about the impact stress had on myself, and whilst self care is important I didn’t realise the impact that stress had on the people around me. Elaine’s program has made me think about stress and how we deal with it. With just 10 minutes a day designated to myself I now feel more in control of my limits, I recommend this to anyone.”

~ Jo Watford.

“I can honestly say it’s been such an eye opener. I’ve had so many breakthroughs here its life changing, I’ll never forget it, I’ve had such a wonderful time. Elaine has been just amazing, she’s put her all into this and I can’t thank her enough”

~ Sian, Wales

“An experience I’ll never forget.  It’s how she pulls these skills together with intuitive care and compassion.  To foster some of the most profound learning you’ll ever have in a supportive and beautifully arranged environment.  The attention to detail, the ability to encourage day one strangers to open up and leave later as friends really is a special gift.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose from one of these events” 

~ Maria, Wales

“If any of you are wandering whether or not you should go on a retreat with Elaine, I would say jump at it! because for me It’s the first time in my life my mind has ever felt calm and still.

I just carry around this little feeling of happiness all the time since I’ve been here, and I’m going to continue feeling that happy when I get home; because, this has been the best thing I’ve ever done, and all I can say to anybody out there who’s thinking about doing this is give Elaine a chance, she will really turn your life around. Because she has mine”

~ Julie, London