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Do you find it hard to relax and let go, even if your body is calm, your mind races through all the things that you need to do and just can’t seem to slow it down?

Do you find that you struggle to make the right food choices you swing between good and bad days and can’t seem to maintain and motivate yourself to eat what you know makes you feel good?

Do you long to start exercising again, are put off by the thought of the gym, the machinery, the price tag and just don’t know where to start?

Do you feel that you are being guided to something better but don’t know how to tap into it to follow those feelings, and maybe you even worry if these feelings are guiding you to the right thing?

Do you feel your body is trying to tell you something, do you suffer with reoccurring illnesses, infections or maybe fed up of taking medications hoping there could be another way to help you recover and feel well again?

Do you find that you seem to be always giving to others or your work and have little or no time left for yourself?

Do you lack energy and feel tired all the time?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone. The good news is I can help you to change those yes’s into no’s. To make lasting and life changing shifts in your wellness. Not just a quick fix diet for two weeks but a sustainable and enjoyable change that brings you, your body, mind and soul the best results.

The health and fitness industry can be a total minefield of science, commercialism and different opinions, it can be intimidating and totally confusing to navigate.

I believe that your body knows the answers, we are all uniquely perfect and have the ability to heal ourselves, and we just need to find the right balance for us.

Watch my interview with Nick and Stuart of ‘the efficient me’ on what success looks like.

Recorded at the March 2017 ‘Best you Expo’

you can watch their full video at:

What a fantastic retreat today Elaine, thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and the chocolate making, as well as the fabulous raw food lunch you prepared for us… it has given me inspiration to eat more healthily.
You are very knowledable and calming and I have really come away with some insightful thoughts. The venue was fabulous and the whole group bonded really well.
Cant wait for the next one, thank you.

Jacqui D

The meditation was a great entry into this area, I found myself completely relaxed and 20 mins felt like much longer, which is great! The food was amazing, so fresh, light and home made.
I thought the day flowed really well and we were given choices as to how we might structure it, nothing to improve here in my view.
A fabulous day with a magical host and likeminded people.
This has always been an area that had interested me so Elaine you’re an inspiration!

Pam S


Isn’t it time you begin finding out what that is. getting in touch with you, your inner peace, your strengths?

Maybe you just want to relax, eat better or find a moment of peace and quiet in this seriously busy world.

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