Your body knows the answers

We are all uniquely perfect and have the ability to heal ourselves, we just need to find the right balance for us.


Do you find it hard to relax and let go, even if your body is calm, your mind races through all the things that you need to do and just can’t seem to slow it down?


Do you long to start exercising again, are put off by the thought of the gym, the machinery, the price tag and just don’t know where to start?


Do you find that you struggle to make the right food choices you swing between good and bad days and can’t seem to maintain and motivate yourself to eat what you know makes you feel good?

The good news is I can help you to change those yes’s into no’s.

To make lasting and life changing shifts in your wellness.

Watch my interview with Nick and Stuart of ‘the efficient me’ on what success looks like.

“If any of you are wandering whether or not you should go on a retreat with Elaine, I would say jump at it! because for me It’s the first time in my life my mind has ever felt calm and still.

Julie  –  London

If you are drawn to an advert for one of Elaine’s retreats, go with it.  The Wellness Weekend in Wales was an experience I’ll never forget.  It isn’t because she’s a fantastic cook with great nutritional advice, yoga teacher and mindful meditation coach.  It’s how she pulls these skills together with intuitive care and compassion.  Knowing who to invite to foster some of the most profound learning you’ll ever have in a supportive and beautifully arranged environment.  The attention to detail, the ability to encourage day one strangers to open up and leave two days later as friends really is a special gift.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose from one of these events. 


What are you in training for?

What are you in training for? Just like an athlete trains their body for their sport. You are in training every day for how you want to feel. You are the result of what you repeatedly think and do. An athlete eats food that give them the exact energy they...

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Isn’t it time you begin finding out what that is. getting in touch with you, your inner peace, your strengths?

Maybe you just want to relax, eat better or find a moment of peace and quiet in this seriously busy world.

Feel Amazing!

Be the best version of you!