What clients are saying

 ” Thank you so much for all your help during this difficult time for me, It’s been so amazing.
I will definitely come to you again if I feel I need help.”

SJ – North

“Now I can own my own opinions.
I feel confident to express myself”

“I really trusted Elaine and at the time, I was going through a number of challenges In all areas of my life.
I felt vulnerable.
She supported me in a firm and kind way to put changes in place.
I made decisions and took control of my life.
From a career perspective I am now setting up a business!

I looked at situations that I avoided.
Mainly avoiding confrontation.
Now I can own my own opinions.
I feel confident to express myself.
It really is like the butterfly effect.
I have taken a few steps with Elaine to challenge myself.
The effects are ongoing and permanent in all areas of my life, as I pursue living an authentic & purposeful life”

AK –  Buckinghamshire

“I Know if you can’t help me. No one can! “

“You engage people in conversations that just flow.
And you’re a living example of what you sell

You never gave me advice you gave me clarity to pinpoint what was wrong
You’re able to dig deep to identity what the problem is.
Asking pertinent questions that made me sit and think.

I know if you can’t help me no one can”

JB – London

“Love spending time with you Elaine, your positive attitude is inspiring, thank you for a new experience today”

Denise, Buckinghamshire

“I can honestly say it’s been such an eye opener. I’ve had so many breakthroughs here its life changing, I’ll never forget it, I’ve had such a wonderful time. Elaine has been just amazing, she’s put her all into this and I can’t thank her enough”

Sian, Wales

“There are not enough words to explain on here how Elaine has changed my life. That may sound dramatic, but it isn’t, it’s a fact. Before I met Elaine, I was always there for everyone else, most of the time at the expense of my own mental well-being. Having coaching with Elaine really helped me to understand my issues, and it turned out I had a lot more than I realised, some of which were deeply buried but due to Elaine’s coaching technique she has helped me to understand myself. I would highly recommend any of Elaine’s workshops, 1-1 coaching sessions, and the retreats are amazing”

Julie, London

"I love these sessions. You always flip the thing on it's head and bring it back to what's really going on"

Lorna, London

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