Personal information and data collection


Elaine Batho and Healing, Fit and Wellness may collect and use the following personal information:


  1. The information based on the way you use this website; including email address, name and location information.
  2. Information used to register or subscribe to this website
  3. Information necessary to process payments for services from this site. (However Paypal is Used for Payments)
  4. Any and all information placed in forums, membership site, and or services.



How your personal information is used


Elaine Batho may use your personal information to:


  1. Administration purposes on the website.
  2. Access to webservers in accordance with our policies.
  3. Access to services and subscriptions in accordance with our policies.
  4. We may ask for testimonial information with your permission.
  5. Use to send emails concerning our products or services.
  6. Provide you support for services paid for.
  7. Collection of payments for services or products ordered/
  8. Marketing information and communication



Elaine Batho and /or Healing, Fit and Wellness will never solicit your information, it will never be shared with Third Party Companies. Information may be passed to Administrators of the site, whoever they agree to Privacy of your Information and will not use the information for use outside of the Elaine Batho or Healing, Fit and Wellness sites.


All Administrators agree to the Privacy Policy of Elaine Batho and Healing, Fit and Wellness, and are obligated to only use the information as per the policies therein.


In addition to the disclosures reasonably necessary for the purposes identified elsewhere above, Elaine Batho may disclose your personal information to the extent that it is required to do so by law, in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings, and in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights.


Keeping your personal information and data secure


Elaine Batho and Healing, Fit and Wellness, will take every reasonable precaution to secure your data in both our website and with the Hosting Services. Security Software and Backups are updated daily. Attacks by outside parties, will be immediately followed up to ensure that any breeches are properly responded to, notifying you of any potential compromise.


Your personal information will be stored on our Hosting servers, information concerning the Hosting Services will be provided on request.


This site takes every precaution to protect financial transactions, in doing so all financial transactions are processed via PayPal for the highest in protection we can provide.




Information collected and used in accordance to the laws and policies of the United Kingdom, all international transactions are agreed to by you as the user of the website. And you agree to the Region this policy covers.


Keeping this Privacy Policy up to date


Elaine Batho may change the policies in this Privacy Policy at any time to improve or update it according to the laws.

We will offer update information when and if it changes, but it is suggested for changes you check this policy often to monitor changes.


Links to off site pages


There may be links that lead the user to sites not hosted on our servers and are not in the scope of our control. You agree that by being directed away from our site, which our policies no longer apply. However we will not redirect or have links on our site, which are potential threat, and have been verified by the administrators as secure links.


Elaine Batho and Healing, Fit and Wellness are not responsible for Third-Party policies or sites.




If you have any questions about this privacy policy feel free to contact the owner or administrator.


Elaine Batho