Corporate wellness

In a study by the International Coach Federation (ICF 2009) it found that 80% of people who received coaching reported increased self confidence, and over 70% benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.
86% of companies report they recouped their investment on coaching, and more

Why you need a corporate wellness solution now


The current climate is creating far greater anxiety and stress on employees than ever before.
Some people are afraid to leave their homes, choosing not to put their health at risk and fearful of returning to work.
Isolation and the challenges of working from home is impacting productivity, engagement and effective communication.

There is a risk of greater absenteeism. Which adding to an already pressured workforce will have a negative affect on morale, and may lead to increased staff turnover.

The benefit of investing in a corporate wellness package at this time is palpable. By supporting, nurturing and motivating employees to feel valued, and by giving them the tools to live healthier and happier lives, even among uncertain and stressful times.

Stress management, improved resiliince and coping with change


Improved performance, engagement and motivation

Improved collaboration - Team dynamics and bonding and and morale

Increased productivity

Better leadership and communication skills that filter through the company

Enahnced company reputation

“Elaine’s workshop today was not only extremely relevant but very helpful as well. She gave me some tools to help cope with these anxious and uncertain times. I highly recommend these workshops for individuals, but also for any workplace team that is now working separately from home as it brings you together as a community..”

Speaking with Elaine has really opened my perspective on how stress, (especially within the hospitality industry,) can be highly detrimental to the human health, both physically and mentally. This realisation, combined with current circumstances, has enlightened me to realise the way I deal with stress is unhealthy. Furthermore, the advice given has opened my outlook to mental health situations I may encounter in the future – especially as a young and aspiring chef..”

After constantly feeling drained, anxious and out of control. But too scared to admit it. I had always thought about the impact stress had on myself, and whilst self care is important I didn’t realise the impact that stress had on the people around me. Elaine has made me think about stress and how we deal with it. I now feel more in control of my limits, I recommend this to anyone.”

“You played a crucial role in supporting our team at the Bear Kitchen, managing the uncertainty of these crazy times. They still talk about how useful the tools you gave them was. Thanks for your help and can only recommend other business leaders to reach out to Elaine for support in helping their team”
Michael Tingsager

Corporate wellness package options include:

Bookable 20 minute individual coaching sessions

30 minute live training morning motivator from a selection of topcis

Lunch and learn 30 minute live wellness workshop from a selection of topics

30 minute live training, afternoon energiser from a selection of topcis

Replay recording of workshops

PDF Wellness workbook

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