What’s it like to work with me?

 When *Helen first approached me, she was keen to explore how to feel more relaxed.


She knew that her life and work balance was out of kilter, tipping heavily in favour of work. She’d lived with it that way for so long it had become her normal.


Helen was quite guarded (as most of my new client’s are) She didn’t know me well enough.


On our first coaching call we talked about what was frustrating her.
She told how she struggled to loose weight, to stick to any exercise routine, and how she struggled with sleep.
Helen explained the things that she had tried and how they’d failed.


In the subsequent sessions Helen became more comfortable with me, and the process of coaching.
We talked about her work. The dynamics, the politics, and how it angered her.
We talked about her relationships that were a further cause of annoyance.

We also talked about her relationship with herself.


Through pertinent questions and her willingness to look at her situation objectively, Helen was able to see how some of her behaviours and thoughts  were contributing to her overall frustration and inability to relax.


In between session we would schedule homework. Enabling Helen to delve deeper into her new areas for development.


Sometimes this would require journaling about her findings from that session. Sometimes it was putting into practice what she had discovered, and other times it was trying out a new relaxation technique.

 Helen discovered (like with most things) the more effort she put in, the better her results.
She was starting to really enjoy getting to know herself through our sessions together.
Helen knew I would challenge her when needed.
But she also knew that she had my trust and support on call whenever she wanted it.


The biggest change came, when Helen realised  how she’d held  back, and been blocking herself.
We did an exercise to help her release this, with some long held internal stress.
It shifted a lot of anger, frustration, as well as a lot of tears.

However, the next day Helen said to me she couldn’t believe how much lighter and freer she felt.

Helen has carried this lightness and freedom with her long after we concluded our work together.

Today Helen is barely recognisable to who she was when we first met.

She’s maintaining her exercise routine, she’s lost weight, and she’s changed her style completely. With a new haircut and wardrobe to match her new confidence.

Her work and relationships (in and out of the office) have improved the most.
She’s less worried about what people think and is able to assert herself, and ask for what she wants without holding her self back anymore. No longer sacrificing her own wants and needs.


Does Helen still get stressed?
Yes of course. But she’s learnt new tools to help her release it before it becomes all encompassing.

* Helen is not her real name, and has been changed to protect her privacy.