I grew up in a town close to London. I’m part of a small loving family.

Nothing fills me with more joy then running around with my nieces and nephew.
I exercise regularly, my body craves activity and movement. Whether its at the gym, a hike in nature, dancing or yoga.

I travel as and when I can. It expands my mind visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, tasting new foods and making new friends across the Globe.

Being close to the ocean, out in nature feeds my soul. It’s an essential piece in my happiness  today.

I’ve always loved food and cooking. I have precious memories of learning to bake with my Nana and mum from an early age.
I remember playing restaurants too. I’d rope my sister into being the waitress. Whilst my poor parents were fed a three course meal that I’d concocted from my Mums glossy recipe books. My mum says they were tasty. I’m not so sure!

Today my cooking is based on healthier alternatives to classic dishes. Balanced with eating out and enjoying all the pleasures of the hospitality industry at it’s finest.

I love to laugh out loud, listen to music (especially live) and I’m an avid reader.
It’s important to me to keep learning and growing. And to have fun every day!

I’m blessed to have met some wonderful people who have supported, coached and mentored me over the years.
We all need guidance and helping hands to achieve our goals.

One of the greatest gifts is to share our knowledge and experience, with others.

But, life today is very different to the one I used to live.

I began to question the point of my life.

I had a long standing hospitality career. Working in contract catering, for large city corporations.

I loved my work, but it was incredibly demanding and stressful.

I was seriously struggling.
I suffered with panic attacks, was 4 stone overweight, permanently exhausted, and highly stressed.

My immune system was depleted, I was constantly ill.

I didn’t help matters, I treated myself badly.
I drank a lot, I smoked,  I couldn’t sleep.
I filled my time so I never had to think about how I really felt.
I was an expert at numbing my emotions.

My job defined my life and my identity.
I had no time for me, or to even think about what I really wanted.
I was pretending everything was ok. But deep down I knew it wasn’t.

My insecurities and stress were pulling me down. I created a “hard-shell’ personality to protect me and to try to cope with what I was facing. Whilst it protected me, it kept me away from what I truly craved.

I began to question the point of my life. The misery was overwhelming.
How had I ended up here?
I felt completely stuck in a big black hole, with no idea how to get myself out of it.

Eventually the stress took its toll.
I had adrenal fatigue and totally debilitating Irritable bowel syndrome.
I was diagnosed with anxiety.

The misery was overwhelming.

How had I ended up here?

Over the years I’ve totally transformed my life, my health and my mindset.
I’ve not had a panic attack or symptoms of IBS for over 10 years.

The key things that I’ve discovered from my own journey and working with my clients, is this…

When you take care of YOU first, it changes everything.

By taking care of you in a completely holistic way. You can’t help but have more energy, feel great and think clearer.

That means treating your body and mind with the love and care it deserves consistently by:

Choosing your thoughts consciously, learning ways to think in a better way, and giving your brain space to relax.

Fueling your body with the nutrients it needs.
Getting enough rest and movement to sustain a healthy life.

We can’t control what happens in life.
But we can control who we are, and how show up everyday.

When we do that it changes everything.
I’m a living proof of that.