As a coach I am biased towards the value of having a life coach.
That’s not just because of my training, qualifications and love of my work.
But from the truly transformational experiences I’ve personally had from working with coaches in my own life.
I still work with coaches today.
I’m not alone either. Some of the top business owners, celebrities and sports stars work with a life coach.
So why do we invest our time and money into this service?
Quite simply, because it gets results.
However don’t be hoodwinked into believing that a life coach is a panacea.
It is not. It can take time, patience, exploration and action to create those great transformational results.
Which is why its so import to decide when is the right time, and to choose the right coach for you.
When you do, the outcome can be truly outstanding.

Here are some of the benefits you get from working with a life coach.


1 Accountability
When you say to someone you’re going to do something it makes you more accountable. It’s easier to let ourselves down than it is another. So having someone to be accountable to can really help you to stick to your promises to your self.


2 Understand yourself better
Its said we have up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Most of these are on repeat.
The more we think the more stuck into a problem we get.
Saying your thoughts out loud helps you to understand yourself better.
Quite often when you hear yourself say something it leads to a new realisation.
Talking things through is far more powerful than thinking alone.



3 They can see your blind spots
We all have blinds spots. These are the things that we can’t see about our current thoughts or situation. You know the old saying ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees’ its exactly that.You can be so focused on the problem; you can’t see the bigger picture.
A coach will help you see these clearly.


4 You can talk about things you can’t share with others
Sometimes it’s difficult to express ourselves fully with our nearest and dearest.
It’s always so much easier to speak openly when there is no emotional connection to someone.


5 You can speak without being judged or given unsolicited advice
Friends, loved ones and partners want the best for you.
Yet, its human to judge and give advice to those we care about the most. It’s very hard to not want to offer help, because we care.
However advice from others isn’t always the best option.
I firmly believe we have our own answers inside us; a coach helps you find those.
Advice comes from other people’s experiences, and that might not be congruent with your life. The best answers are always your own, you are the expert of you after all.


6 Gives you a new perspective
Asking better questions gives you better answers.
A coach can help you to find a new way at looking at things through the power of questioning.


7 Get results faster
Coaching enables you to create solutions to your problem, and in an expedited process.
For example. If you came to coaching wanting to find more balance in your life and more ‘me time’, that’s exactly what you will do.


8 Forward thinking
New perspectives lead to new actions, which lead to change.
Coaching differs from therapy in that you don’t dwell on the past and the current challenge. Instead you look to the future and the ways that you can create solutions to improve, using action plans and forward thinking. Helping you get back in control of your life.


9 Collaborative and supportive
Having a coach work alongside you feels very supportive.
Knowing that there is someone with you every step of the way can be the difference you need to create the change you want.
Your coach wants to see you succeed.
Because remember your success is their success too. A coach’s reputation relies on the great outcomes that they get with their clients.


10 Keeps you focused on your growth.
It really is amazing how much you can learn and grow from working with a coach.
They help you to stay on track with what you want to achieve and not deviate off your path.