Our relationships, social life, health and happiness need just as much attention as our working life.
Yet for most of us, the pendulum of balance usually swings far more heavily towards our jobs.

My biggest fear is to get to the end of my life full of regret, alone and sad because I didn’t live the life I wanted.
And 15 years ago I was headed for that outcome!

I never thought or questioned what I really wanted from my life
I’d carved out a career and social life based on what I thought I should do and what everyone else wanted from me. I was far from happy. I had no plan.

Having a life plan doesn’t mean all tight structures and deadlines.
But it does mean having clarity on who you are, and what you want from your time here.

Ultimately we all want to be happy. The only way for that to happen is to be completely true and honest with yourself, and live by that standard.


Have you ever allowed yourself to daydream of all the possibilities available to you in life?
Have you ever questioned:

How do you really want to feel?

What do you want to be doing?

Who do you want to be spending your time with?

How do you want to look?

Where do you want to live?

What type of places do you want to be going to?

What conversations do you want to be having?


Dreaming allows you to discover what you honestly want.
From there you can chunk it down.
Eventually creating tiny daily action steps that move you towards your desired outcome.

Having a life plan isn’t a 5-minute process, but an ongoing enquiry.
Because our dreams and goals will change as we change and grow through life.

Our plans can only be about what we control though. Which are our own actions and thoughts.
Anything else is setting us up for failure and disappointment.

If we are too rigid with our plan, we miss out on the serendipity and magic that life brings.
One of my friends gave me some wonderful advice recently, which sums this up perfectly. He said, “Planning life is like trying to write the film you’re watching. Organize yourself in a way that allows you to enjoy it”

In other words, your plan is putting yourself in alignment with your dream.
By taking small consistent and enjoyable steps towards it everyday.
You can relish the process regardless of the end outcome.

You can live knowing that you’re moving in the right direction for you. You’re growing, learning and having fun everyday. through out the process
Because the process is your plan and the plan is your life.