Had a tough day or week?
I’m betting that if you were to look back on your actions and habits of late you most likely have stopped doing one of these 7 things.

It may feel like yet another chore or routine to add into your already busy life. But doing these 7 things consistently will help you feel more energised, more calm and able to cope better with the demands of a busy life. Which ultimately impacts your happiness.

What I’m about to share with you is not rocket science or groundbreaking data. In fact you probably know a lot of this already.

But knowledge alone isn’t enough if you want to feel good.

So be honest with yourself as you read through the list, which of these 7 could do with more of your attention.


1 – Fuel your body well.
How well are you eating and drinking? What we put in determines what we get out.
Its not just food we need to be aware of either. Think about the ingredients that go into your everyday products that you use outside of your body. Like, cosmetics, deodorants and bathing products.
What medications or supplements are you taking?
This is all contributing to how much energy you have, how you feel mentally and physically.

2 – Give your mind a break
Life is so fast paced today; everything we need is available at the touch of a button. Great for convenience and speed but not so good for our brains.
The brain needs space and to rest (and I don’t mean by zoning out in front of the TV)
Letting the brain switch off fully, doing a monotonous task or meditative practice is proven to benefit our cognitive functioning and overall well-being. Reducing stress and anxiety.


3 – Keep moving
It never ceases to surprise me how good I feel after a tough work out or a run.
And, conversely how agitated and stiff I feel when I don’t exercise.
Regular exercise gives you more energy. If you’re feeling tired all the time it might be worth looking at how you can shake up your exercise routine.


4 – Mindset matters
When you wake in the morning do you consciously decide how you want to feel and what you’re going to do that day?
Or, do you hit snooze on repeat until you grab your phone and start mindlessly scrolling.
Making your mindset choice as routine as choosing what clothes to wear each day can help build mental strength. Deepening coping skills and resilience.
Ultimately meaning we’re less at the mercy of external life circumstances and more in control of ourselves, which is all we can control anyway.


5 – Have fun!
How much fun are you allowing yourself to have?
Fun doesn’t have to be limited to evenings and weekends. It’s available to us 24/7.
Life is to be enjoyed, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then why are you doing it?
Yes there are times we have to be serious and sensible, but where in your life might you be taking things a little bit too seriously?


6 – As outside inside
The way we take care of our physical appearance has a huge impact on our mental state.
If I were to my wear pyjamas all day everyday and not take a shower, very soon my mood would be as flat and uninspiring as my outfit choice.
Making an effort to dress regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going boosts confidence.
Making an effort with your appearance is psychologically telling you, you matter. If you give up on your appearance what else are you giving up on?


7 – Environment
Where you spend the most time influences your mood greatly.
Is your environment congruent with how you want to feel?
Where and with whom are you spending the most time? What information are you regularly filling your brain with? What are you reading, watching and listening to?
Have you ever noticed how you feel after being around certain people or places?
Become more discerning with your environment, it will make a huge difference to your overall well-being.