How we do one thing is how we do everything. It’s a well known saying, and it’s totally true.

Have you ever noticed if you start putting off the odd household chore like making your bed or washing the dishes, that the procrastination starts to creep into other areas of your life. Like completing that work project.
I know I have.
I was  told once by an ex military trainer, one the reasons soldiers make their beds in the morning is to start the day in a disciplined mindset of getting things done.

Once you start to feel motivated in one area, it becomes infectious to other areas too.
If you are lacking motivation at the moment, or you want to start a new habit. Below are some tips to help you get more fired up and get things done and create a change.

Have a big enough reason why.
It’s no good signing up to a marathon, if you don’t have a strong internal driver. Hauling yourself out of bed on the cold wet mornings for training, is going to be a lot more difficult if you haven’t got a big enough why.

What is the consequence of not doing it?
Asking ourselves this question can be a great motivator.
Take your health as an example. If you knew that long term there would be a serious impact to your well being by not changing you would do something about it.
Research your topic get fully informed about the consequences of doing it not doing it, use that information to drive you.

How do you see yourself living?
What are you doing, who are you with, how are you feeling?
Creating a strong vision is immensely motivating when you can see the end goal in your mind.

Make it so easy that you can’t fail.
If you were running the marathon, putting your running gear next to your bed will make it more likely you’ll get up in the morning for training.
Playing your favourite music while doing those hill climbs will ease the pain.
Think of and apply all the ways you can make yourself successful.

Know that you will need to do the work
But make it easy for yourself.
Set a goal that’s achievable, not overwhelming. You’re less like to stick to it if it’s too hard or too much to fit in to your life.

What’s worked in the past?
Look back on your previous successes and apply those strategies and techniques to what you’re doing now.

See failure as success
Create a mastery mindset. On the days when things don’t go the way you planned see the bigger picture. Remind yourself that you are working towards something. A success path isn’t linear.
Use this as an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience, and get back to the plan the next day.

Review and reflect
Unless you stop and look back from time to time you wont see how far you’ve come.
Take time to review and adapt your plan if needs be.

Track your progress
Keep a record of your progress, create a tick list or some form of visual to help you see how you are doing.

Accountability buddies
Share your project with another person, either doing it together or ask them to be your accountability partner.
If you’re struggling motivate yourself, having someone else alongside you you’re accountable to will give you the extra push, especially when your motivation is low.

Create a praise and reward plan for when you hit certain milestones on your goal.
Make sure the prizes you rewards yourself with are beneficial to your goal. Taking the marathon training as example again. You might reward with a massage, instead of a blow out drinking session in the pub which would be detrimental to your training plan and therefore negate the celebration.