How in tune are you with your body?

When I suffered with chronic stress I had no idea I was. Even the panic attacks I was having I put down to my hangover or lack of sleep.
I knew I felt dreadful, but I didn’t think I was stressed. I was too afraid to feel.
Instead I chose to ignore the signs, and numbed with drinking more alcohol and making myself busier.

If I had dared feel the sensations that my body was giving me, I would have realised I had all the symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety.
I was permanently wired, couldn’t sleep, I had constant headaches and neck pain, I was always ill and highly emotional.

Our bodies are always giving us feedback. But how often do you tune into it.
Are you like I was avoiding feeling anything that doesn’t feel good?
A lot of us numb, some of the common ways are through:
– Painkillers
– Alcohol
– Food
– Work
– TV
– Shopping

I liken it to putting a Band-Aid over a broken bone, yes it might hold it together for a while but eventually it will come unstuck!

But why would you want to feel unpleasant and painful sensations?
Because if we don’t pay attention to what is wrong, how can we make it better?

It doesn’t mean that we have to sit and dwell in the emotion or the sensation, but we need to acknowledge and understand what it is guiding us to be looked at, so that it can be healed.

No one can make you feel better, only you can do that. But in order to do that you need to know what needs your attention.

Had I felt into my stress symptoms and allowed myself to heal I would have saved myself many years of misery, mental and physical illness.

Ignoring something is only prolonging the agony, the longer it goes on the bigger it becomes until we can’t avoid looking at it.
By not inwardly listening, we are ignoring the greatest GPS, the one that helps us navigate our lives in the most fulfilling way.

The more aware of how you feel the better the choices you can make.