Who doesn’t want to feel more alive, motivated and ready to take life by the horns!
That’s what managing your energy can do. And we can manage our energy in many ways.

But if you are feeling lacklustre and tired all the time, it may be worth looking at how good you are at doing the following things.

Diet is pivotal to energy levels.
The body’s preference for fuel is carbohydrate. It’s easier to be broken down into glucose for energy.
If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates you may find your energy is lacking, particularly over the long term.
However, eating the wrong types of carbohydrate, like pure sugar and highly processed refined starches, will negatively impact your energy.
The glucose becomes too readily available, causing massive energy spikes and sugar crashes.

Eating at erratic times can also wreak havoc with physical energy.
Combine the two and you have an exhausting mix for your body.
For example, say you skip breakfast and lunch and survive on sugary coffee or cans of cola. Your energy spikes with caffeine and sugar. Later, you’ll be left feeling more tired and drained then you started the day. Eating that bar of chocolate lifts your energy again temporarily. And so the cycle continues…

Did you know that 20% of all the energy your body makes is used by the brain.
If you don’t eat properly, you will also be impacting your thinking ability and focus.

Fluctuating hormones impact energy levels too. Particularly for women.
The constant changes in the menstrual cycle affect mood, energy levels and focus.
Learning how you feel during each phase of your cycle, and tailoring your activities to match, is one of the best ways to manage this.

The more you exercise the more energy you have. It may sound counter intuitive. But it’s true.
If you’re feeling tired try dancing around for 5 minutes and see how you feel afterwards!

Keeping active keeps the body’s circulatory systems of blood and lymph waste flowing around the body, so it can do its job properly.
Movement also increases endorphins the hormones that keep us feeling good.

Your body is made up of roughly 60% water.
Imagine if you will a pond that has no movement in it.
Over time that water becomes stagnant. Undesirable things start to grow in it.
Now imagine if that pond had a gentle current, the constant movement, the ebb and flow allowing things to move in balance. The undesirables can’t settle in mass and fester. They move through the water in healthy balance.
It’s exactly the same for our bodies.

Have you ever tried, Yoga, Reiki Qigong or Acupuncture?
These practices are all designed to move energy within the body. To bring it back into its natural balance.
Whilst you can’t see this energy, you can certainly feel the difference to it after these sessions.

We feel the energy of others too, whether that be consciously or not.
I have a friend who likes to put people into 2 categories.
She says they’re either drains or radiators.
Meaning some people she spends time with leave her feeling radiant and energised, and others leave her feeling exhausted and drained.
Perhaps you’ve experienced this too.

We are effectively human antennae’s giving out and receiving each other’s energy.
Have you ever had that experience when someone is on your mind and then they call or message you?

We pick up the energy of our environment too.
Nature has a certain energy as does a densely populated city.
Which one do you feel better in?
Manage this energy by making sure where you spend your time and who with continually leaves you feeling good.