Recently a few people have said to me they’re worried that the good habits they’ve created over lock down will disappear once life gets back to full speed.
Others have complained that their good habits have gone to pot since the pandemic.

But whichever camp you’re in its very normal. Because lets be honest, committing to and being disciplined with habits is challenging. Particularly when life throws curveballs in our path.
But this is exactly the time when having a robust discipline of healthy habits is most helpful.

Years ago I suffered with terrible anxiety and panic attacks.
After my therapy I wanted to build upon my recovery, so I took up meditation. I’ve been committed to this practice now for well over 10 years.
Some days it is really hard, it feels like a chore.
Some days it’s easy and it feels like a pleasure.
But I appreciate the value that this practice brings to my mental health and it’s not something I’m willing to compromise on.

However it wasn’t until the chaos of the pandemic that I realised just how valuable this is to me.
Not once have I felt out of control or anxious.
I’ve had plenty of other emotions of course, but the overwhelming worrying and anxiety of my past no longer affects me. I know that this is down to my commitment to healthy habits.

Maintaining your well being consistently helps you to cope with uncertainties and stresses when life gets hard. So here’s my tips to creating and maintaining habits that make you feel good.


Without a strong reason why, you will never stick to your healthy habits.
Using my personal example, my why was to never feel anxiety and panic again. That was and still is the driving force for me to keep meditating today.

What it your why?

What is is driving you to make a change?

How do you want to feel?

What is the consequence to your future if you don’t do anything about it?



Identify what you need to do to create the desired outcome from your why.

In my example above to be rid of anxiety I knew I needed a daily practice that made me feel in control and calm.
I tested a few things and found that meditation was exactly what I needed.
It wasn’t easy, but the benefits to how I felt were worth the effort and still are today.

Find what makes you feel good and help you achieve your why.
If you don’t know test, you will find something that is right for you.


Small things done consistently bring big results.
The work you put in now will reap the rewards later in life, and you will be very grateful you did.
We can be very caught up in instant gratification and think that the habits aren’t working.
Think of these habits as long term investments for your future heath and happiness.

Maintenance can also be a great time to review too. For example if you wanted to improve your fitness. But did the same exercise routine for the next 5 years, you wouldn’t improve your level beyond where you got to after the first 6 weeks.
We need to check in periodically, make little tweaks to our routines to keep them working to their best. And, over time your why may change too.

To get the best results. Stay connected to what you really want and why.
Work out what works for you, commit to doing it regularly and you will succeed.