St. Lucia Retreat

What You Missed!

Imagine feeling totally relaxed and calm.

A thoroughly relaxing week of tranquility, and transformation.

Two beautiful souls joined me in St Lucia for the November 2016 wellness immersion retreat.

The island is so beautiful, rugged and the landscape was the perfect scene for our retreat. The stunning Brogan villa in Marigot bay provided us with the perfect setting and comfort for our week of healing and growth.


St. Lucia was Amazing, we had such a good time.
It was a break for the Body, Mind and Soul.

Fresh fish, local vegetables and fruits. Wholesome grains and nuts were the staple of our diet for the week. We ate amazingly yummy fresh and healthy St Lucian inspired gourmet dinners cooked by our fabulous chef Raul.

We drank freshly prepared coconut water and even tried a soursop mock-tail. A delicious local fruit.

We laughed out loud, We meditated, We sang,

We enjoyed activities around the island from a stunning sunset cruise, a hike in the tropical rainforest, we visited the botanical gardens and saw nutmeg, cacao and vanilla amongst other beautiful tropical flowers and plants. We bathed in the healing mud and waters of the volcanic springs. We snorkelled, we swam in the warm ocean we picnicked on the beach.
We danced, we made jewelry we laughed out loud, we meditated, we sang, we chanted we practiced yoga daily. We painted we did aerobics in the pool and most of all we relaxed and found ourselves again.

What we learned about ourselves was amazing!

What we shared, unforgettable. What we take home. Priceless!
When you remove the distractions and busyness of daily life you are able to come back to you, your true souls self, allowing you to listen to your inner guidance, your body and your heart. The mind becomes still and calmness takes over.

Nature teaches us to listen and be present, when you are busy in your mind you miss the beauty that is all around you, the bird song the sound of the waves lapping the shore. It is there for us, to help us, it reminds us to be grateful for this wonderful life that is available to each of us now.

Meditation helps to focus and still our minds, tuning into our soul and higher guidance.

Daily asana practice, moves the body and focuses the mind, helping to release tensions allowing the body and mind to unify as one. The spiritual practice of yoga teaches us about living our lives peacefully, mindfully and in unity with ourselves, others and all that is.

When you eat wholesome, healthy, unprocessed foods. Fresh foods that are grown locally and in season prepared with love. The body responds positively. Fuelling your body correctly energises you and allows the body to function at its best.

Travel and new experiences helps the mind grow and learn, how can you expand and grow if you keep doing the same thing or meeting the same people? The friendships made on retreat are formed for life by sharing the experiences and opening yourself up to others.

Treating and healing your body with love and care. Holistic massage and angelic reiki helps to relax and calm the nervous system and restoring homeostasis in the body.

Fun and laughter are often forgotten when we feel a little lost or exhausted, but it is so important to our emotional health. Laughter is so releasing and healing and I always find it totally infectious.

Each wellness retreat is bespoke and built around the needs of the individuals attending. We are all at different stages on our journeys and there is no one size fits all approach.

Each Journey is Unique, Each retreat is Unique.

The Next One Is Just Around The Corner.