Work with Elaine

Elaine Batho works with you to whichever level you want to invest in your own happiness and transformation.
If you are committed to your personal development, and a fulfilling future.
If you are truly ready to make life altering transformations, Elaine has many options of support to choose from.

Yoga & Fitness

With regular classes and personal training in the High Wycombe area. Click on the above image to contact Elaine for more details.

Workshops and Talks

Elaine speaks at various talks and events. She regularly hosts her incredibly empowering ‘untamed you’ Workshop, click on the image for the latest dates.

 Join the Community

Become a member of the Healing Fit and Wellness community and get the support you need in your own home. Packed full of content to help you live your best life. From meditations, videos and healthy recipes. Plus all members are invited to the private membership facebook group, where more of my content is shared. Meet other members and become an active participant if you wish by sharing your wisdom and challenges.
Click on the image to find out more.

Private clients

Working with Elaine on a one to one basis.
Coaching sessions can take place in person or online depending on your location and preference.
Private clients benefit from 24/7 support from Elaine, and one years full membership to the healing fit and wellness community.
Click on the image to contact for availability.

Transformational Retreats

A retreat with Elaine will take you on a journey of self discovery, personal growth and transformation.
Bringing with it so much relaxation and a sense of peace and well being that guarantees to leave you feeling lighter, refreshed and more connected to you.
Click on the image to learn more.