Work with Elaine

If you are committed to your personal development and a fulfilling future.
Elaine has many options to support your transformation…

One to One Coaching

If you are fed up of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and stressed, Elaine will support, motivate and empower you to make the decisions and life changes you desperately want.
Coaching enables you to see your challenges in a different light, and to create transformational strategies that are authentic to you and bring lasting results.
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Transformational Retreats

A retreat with Elaine will take you on a once in a lifetime journey of self-discovery and personal growth, resulting in tangible inner and outer transformation.
A retreat empowers you to release the inner challenges that are holding you back, to clear away blocks and old limiting beliefs.
Focused on relieving stress and overwhelm replacing them with increased self-confidence, self-belief and love for your body.
A transformational retreat is a deeply relaxing and thoroughly nurturing week in paradise.

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Workshops and Talks

Elaine speaks at various talks and events. She regularly hosts her incredibly empowering ‘untamed you’ Workshop, click on the image for the latest dates.

Transformation Through Community


Elaine hosts a supportive membership portal. With a private facebook group and online hub packed full of resource to support you living a healthy and happy life.
As a member you will gain access to all of the content created by Elaine, from health boosting recipes, relaxing meditations, members exclusive monthly podcast and library of video and blogs covering a wide range of personal development topics.
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