Are you desperate for time out?


Does life feel overwhelming and hectic, with no time for you to even think?
Maybe you’re at that stage where you’ve just had enough. You know that you have to make some big changes, but have no idea where to start.

Perhaps you feel trapped in your life; like I did. Like you’re living a lie.

Do you question how you even ended up living like this?
Where is the happy and fulfilling life that you dreamed of?

Is the brave face you’re showing to the world exhausting you?

Are you longing to just be true to who you know you really are inside?


If you have had enough of not living true to you, and you are ready to transform your life. Join me on retreat and together lets change your world.

Where will your life take you this year?

A Retreat Guarantees You..

  • A safe, supportive and nurturing environment
  • Every detail is taken care of and organised for you.
  • Daily transformational exercises, group and individual coaching sessions.
  • Plenty of fun, with activities, excursion, and a few treats and surprises included along the way.
  • Time for you to relax and enjoy your holiday at your own pace.
  • All your meals and drinks are provided and prepared for you.
  • Our meals are delicious, healthy and nutritious. leaving you feeling cleaner and lighter in body, Most attendees usually report a weight loss from their week away.
  • Retreat goodies to help you continue your retreat experience when you get home.
If any of you are wandering whether or not you should go on a retreat with Elaine, I would say jump at it! because for me It’s the first time in my life my mind has ever felt calm and still. I just carry around this little feeling of happiness all the time since I’ve been here, and I’m going to continue feeling that happy when I get home; because, this has been the best thing I’ve ever done, and all I can say to anybody out there who’s thinking about doing this is give Elaine a chance, she will really turn your life around. Because she has mine Julie


"Transformative retreats with Elaine Batho are an immersive experience designed for you and your needs. They are not a standardised formulaic holiday or yoga retreat"

This is a different, unique and very personal retreat experience.

Each retreat is intimate, with a small select group of women. I select the women that are ready to make the changes they want in their lives. This compliments and enhances the growth and learning of everyone in the group.

The retreat will take you on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth and transformation. With plenty of opportunity to have fun and enjoy your once in a lifetime trip.

Retreats bring the most profound healing, relaxation, and a sense of peace and calm that guarantees to leave you feeling lighter, refreshed and more connected to you at your very core.

During the retreat we will work together to unravel the frustrations and challenges that hold you back from living an untamed life authentic to you and your inner truth.
Using the supportive and nurturing powers of women’s circles, group life coaching, exercises and activities to help you on this journey of transformation.

We honour our bodies by feeding them delicious fresh and nutritious food. Based on my clean eating principles and recipes. This allows your body to naturally cleanse without having to starve yourself or follow a restrictive detox.
We make the most of and enjoy the local flavours of our host country. Sampling an array of the tempting fruits and vegetables fresh from the market.

We  calm our busy minds with meditations and mindfulness exercises. By removing the noise and distractions of daily life you are able to tune into your inner voice. The place where your truth and answers lie.

We love and pamper our bodies like the divine goddesses we are, treating ourselves with holistic treatments, such as a full body massage, and an emotionally and spiritually healing Angelic Reiki treatment.

We stretch ourselves with gentle Hatha and Yin Yoga. Using this beautiful spiritual practice to connect fully with our bodies.

We use movement and exercise to energise. Whether in a group exercise class or a gentle hike, all activities are planned around the abilities of you, and what you need at that time.

We make the most of our host country, enjoying fun excursions and activities to enhance your retreat and transformative experience.

Share your journey and cultivate lasting friendships. In a safe, healing and caring environment. Building support networks for life. With 12 months access to the membership included with your retreat you can continue to stay in touch and share your growth and experiences on the community forum.

Bask in the tranquil and luxury surroundings of our own villa, there will be plenty of time for you to relax. Whether you want to get stuck into your latest book, lounge in the sun by the pool or just catch up on some sleep the time is yours to enjoy fully.