About Me – My Transformation

I grew up in a town close to the metropolis of London. I’m a country girl at heart and I love being out in nature. I’m blessed to be part of a small loving family.

Nothing fills me with more love and joy then running around  with my niece and nephew. I exercise regularly, my body craves activity and movement. Whether its crossfit, a hike in nature, dancing or yoga.
I travel as and when I can. It expands my mind visiting new places, making new friends across the world.

Being close to the ocean, out in nature feeds my soul. It’s an essential piece in my happiness.

I love cooking and creating new recipes, finding healthy alternatives to classic dishes helps keep my diet varied and fun. I love to laugh out loud, listen to music (especially live) and I’m an avid reader. Its so important to me to keep moving forward in life to learn, grow and have fun every day. I see the lesson and the value in everything. Even if it’s hard, in fact the harder the situation the bigger the lesson. I’m blessed to have met some wonderful souls who have supported and mentored me and continue to do so on my journey. We all need guidance and helping hands to achieve our goals. One of the greatest gifts is to share our knowledge, experience, light and love with others. But, I haven’t always been this content and open.

I began to question the point of my life. The misery was overwhelming. How had I ended up here?

I was pretending everything was ok. But I was living a lie.

I used to be overweight, permanently exhausted, riddled with anxiety, and insecurities that crippled me with self doubt, and the fear of what people thought of me.
Being seen for who I was terrified the life out of me.
So I created a hard-shell to protect me. Whilst it protected me, it kept me away from what I truly craved.

I vividly remember the morning  of my 30th birthday. I woke up feeling the flattest I had ever been.
I began to question the point of my life. The misery was overwhelming.
How had I ended up here?
I felt like everything I had on the outside was superficial and meaningless.
The complete opposite of who I was on the inside. Which I knew was my truth.

I felt guilty that I was so unhappy. I had a loving family and material wealth.
But things just weren’t right. I was in the wrong relationship, in a stressful job that defined my life and my false identity.
I was pretending everything was ok. But I was living a lie, it was a life that everyone else expected of me. Not what my soul craved.

I treated myself badly. I drank a lot, I smoked,  I couldn’t sleep. I filled my time with insignificant and meaningless things so I never had to think about how I felt. I was the queen of numbing my emotions.

My body was screaming at me to change. I suffered with panic attacks, and overwhelming stress which eventually led to adrenal fatigue and totally debilitating IBS. My immune system was seriously struggling, I was constantly ill.

Worst of all I felt totally stuck in a big black hole, with no idea how to get myself out of it.

Then one day I head on the radio the Shakespeare quote “to thine own self be true” It felt like the presenter was talking only to me.
It was like a light bulb went off in my mind. I’d been struggling for so long with no idea how to move forward.
That one sentence made everything seem so simple and clear, It massively resonated with me. I knew then what I needed to do.

I knew that I had to let the real Elaine out.

Over the years I’ve totally transformed my life.

The key things that I’ve discovered from my own journey and working with my clients, is this…

When you take care of YOU first, it changes everything.

By taking care of your body, mind and soul. Being the best version of YOU. Everything else falls into place.

That means treating your body with love, choosing your thoughts, being open and honest with yourself and others.

All of this allows you to be more loving and giving to others, as well as being able to receive from an energized, authentic and happy place.

You are amazing. You deserve a life as equally amazing as you.

You are amazing. You deserve a life that is equally as amazing as you