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Procrastinating is debilitating. How did the basic task of filling my stapler get to the top of my to do list again?

Since starting my business, it’s been a fabulous journey of self-discovery. Watching my reactions and thought processes unfolding has been fascinating. Sometimes I’m petrified by the smallest things, or triggered into an emotional reaction by something that I never thought would bother me.

As a child, I was never a fan of maths. My parents were so worried that I’d fail my exams they hired me a maths tutor.
I vividly remember equations were my nemesis. Every time my tutor would try to explain it to me, my brain would literally shut down. The more I tried to think the more it would freeze.
It was literally like watching a roller shutter come down over my mind, and it wasn’t budging at all.

Fast-forward to today and  I still do this.  In all areas of my life. Like. When things have become difficult emotionally, if I don’t understand something or know what I’m doing, or if something feels too big to cope with. My brain rolls those shutters down and pushes the thought of it far away. Like the ostrich burrowing its head in the sand, if I can’t see it, it won’t effect me.

Before I made the healthy changes to my lifestyle that I now thrive on, I would subconsciously distract this process with watching TV, drinking more alcohol, eating more food or just generally keeping myself so busy with everything. Except the one thing I really needed to face or do.

I’ve learnt through experience that when I do the things that are most scary or difficult, they have the biggest shifts in my personal growth, or leaps forward in my business.
Every time I do something towards the scary thing, no matter how small the step. I feel a zillion times better.

If I try and force myself to do the task or face the thought in its entirety, my brain can’t cope. It kicks me into  overwhelm, and into an overthinking head.
That fearful inner voice starts telling me all the ways it’s going to fail and that I’m not good enough.

I found that instead of looking at the challenge as a whole. If I broke it down into tiny parts. Taking a small step forwards, it wasn’t so bad.
The sense of achievement feels great. It eased the dreaded yucky sinking feeling that comes from putting off the things we don’t like to do.

The brain isn’t logical with its fears either; you may find it easier to climb a mountain than walk into a room full of strangers.
What matters is being kind to yourself in the process and remembering why you are doing it.

Every time you accomplish something, you have a new reference point too. Reference points remind us that we have overcome similar adversity. Which gives us the strength to know we can do it again.
It might not make it any less scary, but we know that we are strong enough to cope with it.

Living our lives out of our comfort zone, gives us the potential to grow, expand and have a fulfilling existence.

So take the action step no matter how small. Get started right now. Taking those baby steps, one action at a time. Very soon you’ll look back and realise how far you have come. All of a sudden the fear is way behind you and the challenge is done. Until the next…

Now, where did I put that stapler?