Every day we train ourselves to feel a certain way. We are the result of what we repeatedly think and do.
How are you training yourself to live?

Think of an athlete. They train their minds to be focused, to compete under pressure.
They consume the exact food needed for their energy expenditure and nutritional needs.
They exercise their bodies to be strong to perform.
An athlete Isn’t born that way, they work damn hard to achieve their results.

Are you training to feel great, or are you training to feel tired and miserable?
What thoughts are you repeating in your mind everyday?
What foods are you putting into your body consistently?
Are your actions in line with your life goals?

If not, it doesn’t take long to make a difference. Even after just couple of days you can make big shifts in your energy and mood from some simple changes.

Everyday you have the choice to be a better version of you.

What choices are you making today?