Mauritius provided the stunning backdrop to our life changing transformational retreat in November 2018.

Our beautiful private villa backed onto the white sands and turquoise oceans of Pointe D’Esny in the south east of the Island.

We practiced Yoga on the beach. We danced, we sang, we cried and we broke through self-limiting beliefs and the barriers to our authentic happiness that we’d held onto for years.

We swam with wild Dolphins, we snorkeled with tropical fish, we visited temples, waterfalls and seven coloured sands.

We feasted on tropical fruits; we drank water straight from the coconut.

We dined on Creole barbecue lobster at sunset.

But most of all we found our true selves; we listened and honoured our own unique inner divine wisdom.  We remembered how to love ourselves. And we shone brighter than we have for years

Life will never be the same again.

If you are ready to shed the layers that keep you from your authentic happiness sign up to apply for 2019’s retreat and get ready for your best year yet!

What if, you could change your life in 7 days?

Retreat Food ...

We honour our bodies by feeding them with delicious fresh, and nutritious food. Based on my clean eating principles and recipes. This allows your body to naturally cleanse, refuel and heal, without having to starve yourself or follow a restrictive detox. We enjoy the local flavours of our host country, with an array of the tempting local caught fish, fruits and vegetables fresh from the markets. Despite our daily feasts of delicious meals, most women usually happily report a weight loss when they got home. The retreat is also a great reset in your eating habits, you will learn what to eat for your own body, and how to prepare new healthy and yummy dishes at home.