Seeing the tiny green buds begin to form on the bony dark twigs of trees always feels me with joy and hope.
The long, cold, dark days of winter are slowly moving behind us as we embrace the spring, the brighter days and the warmer weather.

During the midst of winter we tend to retreat inwards and become introspective. It’s a great time for reflection and personal growth. But after the goal setting and resolution making of New Year, I find the cold and dark days of late winter can take their toll. A lot of us crave the warmth and sunshine of spring.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. To me, it’s the timely reminder that everything is always changing. Nothing ever stays the same. The cycle of life continues no matter what.

I love to watch as Nature slowly starts to wake up. It feels like such a long time since we saw the blossom or the green leaves on the trees. Its beauty surprises me every year, as if I’m seeing it for the first time,
The signs are everywhere.
The song of the birds is such a welcome sound; it lifts my heart to hear their beautiful music.
The jewel coloured Crocus, the bright and happy Daffodils are stunning and such a welcome site against a barren backdrop.

Even ducks and swans in my local park are beginning to pair up, getting ready to nest to produce their young. We will soon start to see the adorable little lambs in the fields, a real sign that spring has arrived.

Energetically we can feel it too, its like a weighted veil is lifted when we feel the first warmth of the sun on our skin. It makes me feel excited about what’s to come.

But we need the seasons, within our selves as well as within nature. We need the light and the dark, the yin and the yang the contrast of summer and winter. The balance.

We need to embrace all of our emotions and not just cling onto the ones that make us feel good. Just like nature wouldn’t function in a permanent state of summer here. We can’t function in a permanent state of summer emotionally.

In order to release the old outdated patterns, behaviors, emotions or thoughts we need to observe them, to sit with them, and then we can let them go. Pushing emotions away, pretending they don’t exist and not facing them just buries them deeper inside, causing tension, stress and ultimately illness in our bodies.

Imagine a tree that refused to shed its leaves, think how withered and frost bitten the leaves would get during the winter. How would the new buds grow if the old leaves were still clinging on.
When we release what we no longer need we can allow our new growth to happen.

Spring highlights to me my growth from the winter introspection.

Nature is such a wonderful guide to us all. When the time is right she springs into action again bringing with her new hope, fresh strong roots, new life and welcome change for us all.