With the busy festive period in full swing, the late nights, parties and rich food taking their toll on our bodies. The long dark days, the increased flu and cold bugs doing the rounds and for some Christmas can be a lonely and challenging time stirring up past upsets or future anxieties. Now more than ever it’s important to take care of your body, mind and soul.
I’ve compiled a list of very simple and easy to do tips that will keep you on your path of wellness even for the most hardiest of party animal!

Stay hydrated
Increased socialising over the festive period can come with increased alcohol intake. Alcohol dehydrates the body and acts as a diuretic (making you pee more)
As the weather turns colder we also turn to warmer drinks, maybe more tea and coffee. Which, with the added caffeine comes more diuretic action on the body.
Central heating and dry air also saps the moisture from our skin.
Try to keep your water intake around 2 litres per day as a general guide.
You could try drinking warm water instead of cold, maybe add some flavouring to it, citrus is mood boosting as well as delicious. Ginger is great for warming, or maybe some fruit slices or herbs. Basil is delicious as well as having health-promoting anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.


Fresh air
It’s not always so appealing to step out into the cold. But once you get out there you will be glad that you did. A winter walk can really lift your spirits on a gloomy day. Not only will you be boosting your circulation and working your muscles and joints. Exercise promotes detoxification.
Breathing fresh air into your lungs instead of the stuffy office air conditioning helps you to clear the mind.
Even a quick 10-minute walk at lunchtime can make all the difference. The more we move the better we feel.

Fuel your bodycruciferous-veg-image
As the seasons change so does your body’s needs. The foods that are plentiful and in season locally now will fuel your body perfectly. Cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts and Kale are excellent sources of antioxidants that help your body rid damaging free radicals. There is research to show they have anti cancer properties too. They are delicious and super easy to prepare. Just doubling your intake per week will have huge health benefits for your body.

Take advantage of the long nights and get some much-needed rest. Try turning the TV off an hour earlier, and make a concerted effort to get bed. Make your bedroom a haven of relaxation. Before bed lower the lights, take a warm bath and treat your body to some extra time to repair and heal. Particularly during the colder months when immune systems are challenged with the increased winter bugs.

Me time
Christmas can get crazy busy with work commitments and obligatory family gatherings.
Manage your time so that you can do all the things that your body needs, to feel good. Keep up those good habits that you have created. They don’t need to stop because Christmas has arrived. For example, If you normally mediate every evening before bed and you find this is being compromised from all the party’s you are invited to, try meditating in the morning instead.
You don’t have the be the last standing guest at the party, if you want to go home after an hour go home, people will much prefer to spend time with you when you are being kind and treating yourself with love. Not when you are resentful and attending social engagements out of obligation. You will also find that you enjoy yourself more.
And remember every moment is a chance to start again.

winterwellnessBe grateful.
Remembering to be thankful and grateful for what you have is always humbling and grounding. It’s very easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the holidays. Remind yourself of how blessed you are in this life, whether its celebrating the family or friends that you have to spend time with, the warmth of a home to live in, to have fresh clean running water everyday, your health. We always have something to be grateful for.